Handbook Time

Guidelines for Handbook Time

Handbook time is the segment of the Awana evening when group leaders assist clubbers in understanding, memorizing, and reciting sections of their Awana handbook. It is an informal part of the evening and provides an excellent opportunity for a leader to talk one-on-one with individual clubbers regarding the gospel, exercising personal faith in Christ, and growth in understanding God's word. It gives leaders an opportunity to establish strong relationships with clubbers and to provide a godly role model.

These are the memorization requirements:

  • Clubbers must pass an entire section at one session (an uninterrupted period of interaction between clubber and leader). The clubber may not refer to his handbook. If a section contains two or more verses, the clubber may not recite one verse, study and recite the next verse, etc. All verses and references in the section must by recited during that one, uninterrupted session.
  • Leaders may give no more than two helps (prompts) per section. A help is any form of assistance the leader gives to the clubber in completing a  section. One help should include no more than two words. Mouthing a word is a help.
  • Clubbers must recite the reference with each verse.
  • Clubbers must pass sections in the order in which they occur in the handbook. Sections frequently build on the truths learned in the previous sections.
  • Help clubbers pronounce difficult words.
  • After the clubber has recited the section, ask one or two of the follow-up questions at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill in the lines for the Leader Signature and Date at the end of the section.
  • Praise the clubber for good work in memorizing and reciting the section.
  • Give the clubber one Awana share for each complete section passed.

Staying on Track


One of our goals is to help you finish your Awana book on time.

The best way to do that is to work on your book each day throughout the year.

Sparks: say 1 to 2 sections each Awana meeting.

Truth and Training: say 2 to 3 sections each Awana meeting.