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The Messiah's Authoritative Forgiveness

That God offers forgiveness for free is a fact that we believe, but it’s one that can be hard for people to accept. The reality of our sinfulness complicates this for us in a couple of a ways. Some of us may think that we are too bad to deserve God’s forgiveness. Now on one level, this is right: Of course, we don’t deserve God’s forgiveness; that’s why it’s grace. But on another level, this is wrong because we try to punish and condemn ourselves with guilt thinking we might appease the wrath that we know we deserve. This is a mockery of God’s forgiveness and mercy. On the opposite extreme, some of us think that we are too good to need forgiveness. This stems from an inflated view of our own self-righteousness. We compare ourselves to tax collectors and sinners and miss the fact that Jesus Christ came to call sinners to repentance. This amounts to a gospel denial, because it denies that the core gospel truth of human sinfulness applies to us personally. We must fight both of these unbiblical attitudes toward God’s forgiveness so that we might accept the free offer of imputed righteousness through Jesus Christ. May God make us aware of our sinfulness and His grace in forgiveness so that His glory might be magnified in our salvation. - Pastor Rory Martin Read More

The Messiah's Authoritative Deliverance

At this time of year, we as Protestants make it a point to celebrate the Reformation as we praise God for the work of men like Luther, Melanchthon, Calvin, and others. For Martin Luther, the root issue of the Reformation was man’s bondage to sin and his inability to make himself right before God. This is one of the reasons why Luther penned, “The Bondage of the Will” and why our dependence on God for salvation is so profoundly important. The point cannot be stated more clearly—we desperately need Jesus. Read More

The Messiah's Authoritative Discipleship

Saying we’re committed to Christ is easier than actually being committed to Christ. Especially in a culture that doesn’t openly persecute Christians, we can claim commitment because it gains us status, contacts, or influence. We may also delay acting on our commitment until a time when it might fit better into our schedule. These temptations are real, and they reveal hearts that may not be as committed as our mouths declare. Those who claim Christ out of convenience may be among the first to reject Him when persecution begins. And those who pursue Christ when it’s convenient will find that discipleship is rarely convenient. Following Christ is not about mere words; it’s a lifestyle that demands radical and immediate commitment and sacrifice. May God grant us to be true disciples who resolutely commit our lives to Him. - Pastor Rory Martin Read More
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