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This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. While much of contemporary evangelicalism makes Pentecost about the gifts of the Spirit and speaking in tongues, Pentecost is important much more for it's being the birthday of the church. Nearly 2,000 years ago, God immersed His apostles with the Holy Spirit Who gave them boldness to preach the gospel to people who fifty days ago had killed Jesus. Those who accepted Jesus that day were added to the church and still the gates of hell cannot prevail against God's church. This Sunday, we celebrate God's goodness in giving us the church. May His Word and Spirit drive us to renewed commitment to her. 
This week at Liberty we will continue our newly inaugurated Sunday school series on the doctrines of God and the Bible; Josh De Leon will be presenting on general revelation. In the morning worship we will go off series as we focus on the church's birth in Acts 2:37-47 and see what we can learn from the early church's example. The evening worship will feature a prayer meeting which will specifically focus on the church as a whole and Liberty Baptist, in particular. What a privilege it is to be called children of God and to have the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with each other as brothers and sisters. May God strengthen you to join us this week!