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Brother against Brother

The effects of sin are ever with us. After Adam and Eve brought sin in the world, we are ever more saddled with it and its consequences. This fact reveals our sinfulness: both our propensity toward it and our need for the mercy of God. Cain was in denial of his need for God's mercy. His response to God's confrontation revealed a hard heart that proudly believed his own self-righteousness. But the Bible makes it clear that there is none righteous and there is no one who does good. May the burden of our sin drive us to look to the mercy of our God and His deliverance.
This Sunday we have no evening worship, so you can have the opportunity to reach out to your neighbors, friends, family, or church family for either outreach or fellowship. Please use the time you would have spent worshipping with God's people in informal fellowship or evangelistic outreach; don't just take the evening off. In Sunday school we will finish up our Sermon on the Mount series in Matthew 7. On May 13, we will start a summer Sunday school series that will include all the teens and adults covering the doctrines of God and the Bible. Josh De Leon and Jeff Tuttle will be assisting me in teaching these classes. In the morning worship this week we continue Origins: Genesis 1-11 as we look at the narrative of Cain and Abel and God's mercy in our inherited sinfulness. I love to worship with the people of God, and I look forward to our gathering on Sunday. May God strengthen us to join our brothers and sisters in praise and submission to Him.