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Curse on Canaan

We may be tempted to think that if God would get rid of all the “sinners" things would be so much better in our world and society. In the flood, God did just that; He destroyed the immoral violent society and left just one man and his family, but Genesis 9:18-29 reveals that just one man and his family is enough to keep the corruption of humanity alive and well on the planet and in society. Because sin is inherited from Adam, the flesh is in us all, even after we are declared righteous by God. Unless God intervenes, we will receive much worse than the curse on Canaan, condemnation in hell. But the glimmer of hope in the promised seed of the woman and the God of Shem means that grace can deliver us from inherited, destructive sin. May God deliver us from the power of sin so that we might show the world His righteousness instead of hope for its destruction.

Sunday at Liberty

  • SS: Who Is God and What Did He Say?–God’s Greatness
  • AM: Origins–Genesis 9:18-29–Curse on Canaan
  • PM: Quarterly Members’ Meeting