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Doers of Patience in Suffering

When we consider the shortness of our lives and the shortness of our riches, we can grow discouraged as we wait for real life and the kingdom that God promised would come. We don’t fit in in a world that pursues its own pleasure as the highest good, and we will certainly stand out the more we seek friendship with God over friendship with the world. So what are we to do? James encourages us to be patient in our waiting. Just as farmers have to be patient waiting for their fruit and the prophets like Job had to be patient waiting for God’s Word to come to pass, so also we must be patient as we wait for God to fulfill His promises to do away with this world and its fading riches and bring in His kingdom and its genuine glory. With God’s grace at work in our hearts, this patience in the steadfastness of hope is not impossible; it’s inevitable!

Sunday at Liberty

  • SS: Church Councils and Creeds–The Canon
  • AM: Pastor Rory–James 5:7-12–Doers of Patience with Suffering (sermon notes)
  • Parents' Meeting, 5pm
  • PM: Pastor Rory–1 Peter 3:13-18–Suffering for Good (Communion Service)