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Earth under Water

Although we know the reality of God's judgment against sin in events like the flood, we also know the reality of God's salvation of sinners in people like Noah. God gives us reminder after reminder that if we continue a lifestyle of sinful choices, the end will be destruction, but those reminders along with Jesus's death on the cross are evidences that God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. God offers His mercy to each one of us every day; sin and the flesh are ever with us; it is for us to turn from our sin and embrace His mercy through faith to find salvation not only from sin's presence from also from its power. May God glorify Himself in our faithful and frequent repentance.
This Sunday we will continue our study of the doctrines of God and the Bible by looking at the fundamental doctrine of inerrancy. In the morning worship we will go on in Genesis looking at chapter 7 and how the flood's coming upon the earth reveals both the justice and mercy and God. The evening worship will be a prayer meeting with particular emphasis on our upcoming outreaches through soccer camp and the 4th of July. May God draw us together in unity and love as we gather together on Sunday.