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Free Christians, Sacrificing Church

Sometimes in our thinking about Christian liberty we become focused on what we are free to do. But Paul turns our ideas of Christian liberty upside down in 1 Corinthians 9 when he discusses his own freedom to sacrifice. Because he was free to do these things, he could also willingly give up his liberty for the sake of the gospel. This not only strengthened Paul's ministry to the church, but also his ministry to unbelievers. May we exercise our freedom in such a way that we are willing to sacrifice our rights for the gospel good of others. 
This Sunday we have missionary Steve McKinley and his family with us. They are on their way to Ireland and will minister with us all day with Steve teaching in both Sunday school and the PM worship service. In the AM worship we will return to 1 Corinthians and our Being the Body series as we look at Paul's sacrifice of Christian liberty. May God be glorified in our worship and our obedience to His Word as we gather this Sunday.