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God's Glorification of Himself

Our understanding of God’s purpose in creating and sustaining the world has a huge impact on how we interpret His Word and see His work. It is vital that we understand God’s goal to glorify Himself in various ways so that we don’t get tripped up by narrowing His purpose to only one way. Throughout God’s Word we can see these varied ways of God’s self-glorification, and when we do, we will be renewed in our commitment to handle God’s Word effectively and with integrity. May God strengthen us in our understanding of and use of His Word.

Sunday at Liberty (Bible Conference)

  • SS: Dr. Kevin Bauder–Daniel 9–Dominion Desecrated
  • AM: Dr. Kevin Bauder–Psalm 67–God’s Glorification of Himself
  • PM: Dr. Kevin Bauder–Ephesians 2:11-22–One New Man (the Church)