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Harmony in Fullness

God didn't stop with forming creation after those first three days. After that He spent three more days filling up His now ordered creation with what would be beneficial for human flourishing. He provided sources of light, birds, fish, and animals that all reveal His worthiness of worship. As the giver of life and the creator of all that good, God deserves our undivided worship, but idolatry is a real threat to our worship. May God help us see Him and His glory such that we would worship Him supremely instead of suppressing the truth that can be known about Him.
In the liturgical calendar there are days called Sundays of ordinary time. I feel like this week at Liberty is a Sunday of ordinary time. We will continue our study of the sermon on the mount in the adult Bible study as we consider Matthew 5:13-16. In our morning worship we will forge ahead in our Origins series in Genesis looking at most of the second half of the week in Genesis 1:14-25. In the evening worship, we will look at Psalm 119:25-32. Ordinary time is the best time to spend our time worshipping our creative God since it makes up so much of our time. I pray that you will join us Sunday and worship your creator.