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"Who’s the boss?" This is a question we frequently asked our children as they were growing up to remind them that they couldn't always get or demand their way. But even as an adult I find I have to ask myself the same question. I am frequently confronted by the fact that I want to control my own life. But this is not the way a Christian ought to think. Part of believing the gospel is accepting the claims that Jesus made of Himself, and He made it pretty clear on Palm Sunday that He is the King, not just a king, the King. When I demand my own way or demand control of my own life, I am denying the truth that Jesus is the only King. Palm Sunday is an opportunity for us to remind ourselves who the King is, and that it isn’t us. May we worship the King with hearts of submission this Lord’s day. 
This Sunday we celebrate Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem as King. We start our celebration with our Palm Sunday breakfast. The meal will begin at 9:15am, and the food and drinks are being provided. The morning worship will focus our attention on our King Jesus as we consider Mark’s account of the triumphal entry in Mark 11:1-11. In the evening worship Don Odens will preach for us as he expounds Luke 22:14-30 in a message titled, “The Greatest.” One of the best ways we can show our submission to Christ is by joining His body in worship of Him. Tune your hearts to sing His praise as you prepare for worship. See you Sunday!