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Jesus Is Glorious

In our day-to-day lives, it is easy for us to lose sight of what is important. I was reminded this week that the ultimate goal of ministry must be the glory of God even as we recognize that sometimes God uses difficult circumstances to bring glory to Himself. While we would like our lives and ministries to be smooth sailing with great results and constant growth, we do well to recognize that our comfort and "success" is secondary to God's glory. May we use every moment and circumstance God gives us to bring glory to Him. 
This week at Liberty we are putting 1 Corinthians on hold as we focus on missions with Regan and Mellie Martin, missionaries to South Africa, presenting their ministry in Sunday school and the evening service. The past two weeks Christa's sister and brother-in-law Matt and Lisa Nagel have been on a survey trip in the Middle East. They are flying back on Saturday, and I have asked him to preach to us in the morning service. I am confident that these men will effectively help us draw our attention to God this weekend.