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Man in Dominion

God's creation is crowned and finished with the creation of humanity. God showed His care for us in His detailed creation of us in His image and the blessing and mandate He gave us. When we consider God's care for humanity, our own lack of concern or care for our fellow humans is striking. Rather than preach the gospel to the lost, we disdain them for their lack of morals. Rather than welcome the outcast, the orphan, or the widow, we look down on them because they aren't like us. Human dignity is not just an nice idea; it is the inherent in the creation of humanity in the image of God. May we treat each other and the world around us with the respect due to God's image bearers. 
This Sunday we will continue our Sunday school series on the Sermon on the Mount by looking at Christ's fulfillment of the law in Matthew 5:17-20. In the morning worship we will continue our walk through creation week looking at the creation of humanity in Genesis 1:26-31 in our Origins series covering Genesis 1-11. The evening worship will be a special Lord's Table service focused on the work of Christ to unite us into one body through His sacrifice on the cross. We will look at Psalm 133 and the blessing of brotherly unity. There will be much to distract us this weekend from our worship of the great and glorious creator God, but may our gathering together be to the praise of His glorious grace. See you Sunday!