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Married Members, Committed Living

The Christian life is one of commitment. To be what Christ calls us to be takes a strong commitment to trust God, to listen to His Word, and to obey Him when He speaks to us. I often find myself more committed to myself and what I want, which always get me into trouble. When our commitment wanes so does our relationship. May God grant us the grace to remain committed in our service to Him. 
Commitment and faithfulness will be a sort of theme for our services tomorrow. In Sunday school we will discuss Saul's lack of commitment to God as we consider his failure in our 1 Samuel study "Leadership Void." Then we will discuss similar themes in relationship to marriage in our Being the Body series in 1 Corinthians. Then in the evening service we will finish our mini-series on repentance. I hope you are planning to be there to worship with us. See you tomorrow!