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Married Members, Sacrificial Living

So many of our relationships are affected by our selfishness. We have ourselves convinced that we "deserve" something so we demand everyone around us to give us what we want. When we allow that self-centeredness to dominate our relationships we end up with ruined marriages, estranged children, ruined testimonies, and divided churches. May God grant us the grace to give of ourselves as Jesus gave of himself instead of demanding our own way from those around us. 
This week we have Fred Conklin with us; he is a representative of Appalachian Bible College in Beckley, West Virginia. He will be presenting in both the Sunday school hour and the evening service. In the morning service we will continue on in our 1 Corinthians–Being the Body series. We will start a short series of sermons dealing with marriage and sexuality as we move into chapter 7; the first part of this chapter addresses some of our self-centered tendencies. I look forward to worshipping with and fellowshipping with you all. See you Sunday!