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Men of Renown

It is easy to forget the judgment of God in a world where it seems so far away. We tend to ignore the judgment of God because it isn't fun to think about, and we can ignore the clear examples of it in death because it is so common place. But when we forget about or minimize the judgment of God we are in danger of facing it, for when we ignore it we are prone to give into the lures of our flesh and sin. Only a little over a thousand years into earth's history, humanity had done just that and had given into their lusts such that God's wrath could no longer bear their evil. In the description of the earth before the flood, we see a rejection of God and His mercy; may we trust God's Word and His mercy so that we might avoid a demise similar to Noah's society. 
This Sunday at Liberty Baptist Church we are continuing all of our current series. In Sunday school we will talk about dispensational hermeneutics in our study of the doctrines of God and the Bible. In the morning worship we will turn to Genesis 6:1-8 and see the rebellion of Noah's society and the righteous wrath and mercy of God. The evening worship will have us in Psalm 119 (v73-80) as we consider how God can use us to impact those He has placed around us. I pray that you will join us in our worship and submission to God's Word. May God speak to us and change us through His Word and His Spirit as we gather.