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Missions Conference 2017

In Romans 15:30-31 Paul asks the Romans to pray for him that his service for the church might be acceptable to the saints. He desired for his ministry not only to evangelize the lost, but also to encourage the church. I pray this prayer often for our missionaries, and as we welcome in our missionaries over the next two weekends for missions conference, I am reminded even more strongly of the need for this prayer for our supported missionaries. Missions is tough work, and when missionaries struggle to see "success" on the field, they may wonder if their service is acceptable to the saints. May we encourage our missionaries these two weeks that their faithful service is acceptable to us, and may God strengthen them to the faithfulness that gospel work demands (1 Cor 4:1-2). 
This week at Liberty, we will hear from our church planting missionaries to France whom we have supported for several years. They have recently wrapped up that ministry and are now prayerfully considering what God would have them do next. He will be speaking in Sunday school and the morning worship, and he will be presenting a ministry update in the evening worship. I look forward to worshipping the rest of the body of Christ as we praise God for the their acceptable service and build each other up in the faith. See you Sunday!