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Missions Conference 2017

The goal of having missionaries come and present their ministry is not for us to evaluate their "success" in worldly terms, but to hear about what God is doing through them on the field. This then results in their joy in spending time with us and hopefully their refreshment as they have a time to rest and recuperate from the stress of ministry in a foreign culture and often under difficult conditions. May God use our time with the missionaries this weekend to bring joy to their hearts and refresh them for the next phase of ministry God has called them to. Don't miss out on an opportunity to refresh our missionaries while they are with us. 
This Sunday our missions conference continues. Paul Harmon, our missionary to Uruguay, will present God's work through them during the Sunday school hour, then he will bring the Word to us in the morning worship. Instead of our regular evening worship, we will have our international dinner featuring a Q&A panel discussion with all three of our conference missionaries. I trust this will be both encouraging and informative, and I hope that you will be faithful to take advantage of this opportunity to refresh our missionaries with your presence and your acceptance of their faithful service.