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Mother's Day

Sunday is Mother's Day. I'm sure that I'm not the first to remind you. Every store I walk in and email blast I receive reminds me. We will also worship together on Sunday, but we won't worship moms. Mother's Day is a good thing because it reminds us to be thankful for our moms and all they do or have done for us; it also helps us turn from our self-centeredness. We should honor our moms (Eph 6:2), but we shouldn't worship our moms. As you thank and honor your mom, don't forget to worship your God for giving you a mom and remember that even a good mom is a gift to draw your attention to Him. May God be praised for good and godly moms. 
This Sunday we start a new Sunday school series for adults and teens (who will meet together this Sunday) called Saved: Studies in Soteriology, where we will look at the doctrine of salvation. We have a special guest, Marius Birgean, PhD graduate from Central Seminary, preaching in the morning worship from 2 Kings 4. In the evening worship, our new intern Jason O'Sullivan will preach from Ecclesiastes 3. It will be a great day because we have opportunity to worship and praise our God for His goodness and grace to us. Join us!