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Newness of Life

With joyful grief we lift our praise on Good Friday because Christ's work satisfied the wrath of God for us, and with joyful praise we worship on Resurrection Sunday because death could not hold Him, and the grave could not keep Him. Only Jesus could give up His life, and only Jesus could take His life back, and because of His work we can walk in new life in Him. May the power of the resurrection be evident in our joy and our obedience as we rejoice in Christ's finished work!
This Sunday we celebrate the resurrection in our worship. Sunday school will continue on in our study in 1 Samuel. The morning service will draw our attention to the implications of the resurrection, and the evening service will remind us of the resurrection story. Of all the days to spend the entire day in worship, Easter is the day. Without the resurrection, no other day matters! I look forward to worshipping our rising Savior with you.