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One from Two

Our culture has sought to undermine marriage with every opportunity. But what’s worse is that we have undermined marriage as Christians with many professing believers getting divorced and breaking their wedding vows. God ordained marriage from the beginning to be a relationship based on a commitment, and we as believers must do everything we can to dignify the marriage. May God grant those of us who are married the strength to keep the promise we made to our spouses and honor marriage in our culture.
This Sunday the Sunday school hour will continue the Sermon on the Mount series as we get into the beginning of chapter 6 and Jesus’s condemnation of those who hypocritically practice their religion. The morning worship will continue our Origins series in Genesis 1-11 as we look at Genesis 2:18-25 again, this time with particularly emphasis on v24-25 and God’s ordination of marriage. In the evening worship we will continue our walk through Psalm 119 as we look at v41-48. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow as we gather for worship together.