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Order in Form

God is a God of order. He didn't leave the world formless and empty, instead He added order and form to it making it beneficial for humanity. He doesn't leave our lives formless and orderless either. He works through His Spirit to order our lives in line with His righteousness, and He promises that this work He began will be completed. The work that God started in the beginning is analogous to the work He continues in us. May we submit to His work in us and allow Him to order our lives for His glory. 
This Sunday is an important one. In the Bible study hour we will continue our recently started series on the Sermon on the Mount as we delve into Matthew 5 and the beatitudes. Then in the morning worship we will continue looking at God's creation of order and form as we look at the first three days of His creative work in our Origins series in Genesis. We'll have a lunch following the morning service and move directly into our annual members' meeting at 1:30pm. This meeting is an important part of our responsibility as members of the body of Christ, so I trust that you will make this a priority for your family. Please also pray that God will unite our hearts and guide us by His Spirit as we make decisions in spite of our selfish tendencies. I look forward to spending time worshipping our God and fellowshipping with the body on Sunday! See you then.