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Persevering Faith

Sometimes when we go about evangelizing and making disciples we can get frustrated and frantic as we try to persuade the lost, but God doesn't call us to persuade the lost. He calls us to preach or herald the gospel and let His Spirit do the persuading. When we get focused on the results of our preaching/heralding, we do whatever is necessary to produce the desired result, but when we focus on obedience to our commission to herald the good news, we rest in God's ability to change hearts through the plain presentation of the gospel. May God grant that we be faithful to herald rather than focused on results. 

We have a missions focus Sunday before us this week. We will welcome Colleen Tronson from Metro Women's Center for Sunday school and during the AM Worship we will video chat with the Grotzkes (pending working technology). I have invited Jon Pratt from Central Seminary and Eden Baptist Church, Burnsville to bring the Word to us in the AM Worship. Then in the evening worship, we will focus who/what is a pastor. I look forward to our joining in worship together as we gather as the church tomorrow. See you then!