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Prophetic Gift, Edifying Ministry, 2

The one true God is a God of revelation. He has revealed Himself in creation, by placing His image in humanity, and, most importantly, in His Word. The more direct and clear the revelation, the better it is; so God's Word takes precedence over His image in man and in creation because neither of those so clearly reveal God as the Bible. When we minimize the importance of clear, direct revelation, we will inevitably miss the focus and emphasis of God's revelation, namely the clearest revelation of all, the Word of God incarnate, Jesus Christ. May God grant us the grace to focus appropriately on what He has clearly revealed more than we focus on subjective, hazy revelation.
This week at Liberty we are starting a new series in adult and teen Sunday school. Last winter and spring we studied through 1 Samuel, so this week we will continue that study in a sense by starting a series in 2 Samuel called The Rise and Fall of the King focusing on the life of God's man David. In the morning worship we will continue on in 1 Corinthians 14 in our Being the Body series. We will also worship around the table in this service. Then in the evening worship, Pastor Rory will lead a discussion of application from the discussion of 1 Corinthians 14. These opportunities for worship ought not to be neglected (Heb 10:25); I hope to see you there to worship with you.