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Resurrected Christ, Living Hope

We throw the word hope around a lot. We hope our team wins; we hope to go on vacation; we hope for pizza for supper. But when the Bible speaks of hope, it speaks of something different. The hope we have is guaranteed, but unrealized. We hope in the resurrection because we know it is coming; we hope for heaven because Christ is our mediator. The resurrection and eternal life are the objects of our hope and thus we can live our lives with confidence knowing that through Christ our future is guaranteed. 
This Sunday at Liberty will be a missions emphasis Sunday. We have Matt and Lisa Nagel who are making plans to go to Turkey who will be presenting to us during the Sunday school hour and the evening worship. In the morning worship we will continue on in 1 Corinthians 15 as we consider the living hope we have because of the resurrection. I look forward to worshipping together with you tomorrow; may the hope of the resurrection guide our preparation and worship this Sunday.