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Resurrected Christ, Sober Mind

Unfortunately, even as Christians, we often live our lives giving no consideration of the impact that the cross and the resurrection ought to have on our day to day living. When we ignore these principles or forget the impact, we are vulnerable to the lusts of our flesh and the lure of the world. Thus, many Christians live frustrated and discouraged Christian lives as they try to fight sin in their own power, but the resurrection drives us to holiness such that we can put sin to death and live lives that honor and glorify our God. May God grant us to be motivated to holiness because of the resurrection. 
This Sunday at Liberty, we will continue on in 2 Samuel during Sunday school as we consider God's work in David's life in chapters 7-10 as part of our Rise and Fall of the King series. In the morning worship we will continue to focus on the resurrection in our Being the Body series in 1 Corinthians. This Sunday we'll focus on the call to holiness evident in the resurrection in 15:29-34 (I'd encourage you to read Psalm 73 if you get a chance before then). Then in the evening service we will look again at 1 Corinthians 15:29-34 as we discuss the practical outworking of the principles from the morning service. I love to gather with the people of God to worship Him, and I look forward to Sunday with joy and thanksgiving for all of you. We'll see you Sunday!