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Rooted and Grounded in Love

I once was asked by a non-Christian what made Christianity different from other religions. While I gave him an adequate answer, it was not until recently that I realized what I should have said. The distinguishing mark of Christianity is the Trinity. Very little of who God is and what God does makes sense for a single god, but all that we know of God is explainable when we consider His Triunity. Even so, many Christians struggle to recognize the significance of the Trinity. 
This week as we gather to worship, we will celebrate Trinity Sunday. This is a day on the liturgical calendar set aside to worship God with particular emphasis on His Triunity. In Sunday school the adults and teens will study regeneration in our series on Soteriology. In the morning worship we will worship our Triune God as we study Ephesians 3:14-21. Then in the evening, we will have a prayer meeting as we continue to plead for God's intervention in our body. I hope that you plan to worship with the body of Christ tomorrow as we gather. May the unity of the Trinity strengthen the unity of the body as we worship!