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The Church of God

As a new year rolls around, we hear much talk of resolutions. Many people have determined to make themselves better in some way beginning with the first day of the year. But for a Christian becoming better in any way is not dependent on a flip of the calendar; it is dependent on God working in us by His grace demonstrated through His Son and delivered through His Spirit. This is always true of us and nothing magical happens on Jan 1 or any new month or week or day that isn't true of us always, because we are in Christ. Maybe you made a resolution this year; that's ok, but when you inevitably fail in keeping it, don't wait until next January to start again. Every moment is ours to redeem through the power of the Spirit to be whom God saved us to be. Resolve to be better now, by God's grace. May God make us all more like His Son as He promised to do. 
This Sunday will encourage us as we welcome our missionary to Brazil Roberto Coelho for both Sunday school and the morning worship. Roberto will be challenging us from Acts 14:20-28 in Sunday school and from 1 Corinthians 1:1-3 in the morning worship. In the evening worship Jason O'Sullivan will be preaching from John 5:1-11 on being sold out for God. May God use these men to challenge our hearts with service to Him and may the body of Christ be encouraged in our worship and fellowship this Sunday. See you then!