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The Perfect King

The nature of the messianic kingdom is such that it provides longed for peace, justice, and eternal life. Only one King could ever bring these things in their fullness to us, and we yet long for this King to return and setup this kingdom. But as we near the birthday of the King and look back on the fulfilled promises that lead up to that day, we can look forward with confident anticipation that the King will come again, and when He does there will be no end to His perfect reign. As we near Christmas day, may the assured hope of the eternal kingdom fill our hearts with worship of our God who will establish that kingdom.
This Sunday when we gather for worship we will continue our study of the Rise and Fall of the King in 2 Samuel as we look at David's men in ch23. In the morning worship our attention will turn to the eternal kingdom that God promised for David's seed and the implications of those promises for our steadfast hope. Then in the evening worship we will have our Christmas vespers service. We look forward to presenting the gospel in song and word in that service and pray that God will use it to provide us with opportunities to make disciples as Christ commanded us. The Christmas tea will follow. In the midst of a busy time of Christmas programs, family get-togethers, and school breaks, may God turn our hearts to the worship of the newborn King as we gather on Sunday. God bless!