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The Promised Seed

The promises of God that were fulfilled at Christmas are an important part of our celebration of the holiday. When we look back at over years of promises going as far back as the garden, we see that God had a perfect plan to atone for our sin. This gives us confidence in multiple ways. We can look forward to promises yet to be fulfilled with confidence that God's Word will not fail. Also, we can rest in the fact that God has a continued plan for us and for this world. What a comfort to rest in a sovereign, faithful God.
This Sunday we will begin to celebrate the Christmas season. In Sunday school we will continue on in 2 Samuel and our Rise and Fall of the King series as we look at chapters 20-21. In the morning worship we will begin our Christmas Hope series as we walk through Old Testament prophecies that led up to the birth of Christ beginning with three promises in Genesis (in chapters 3, 12, & 49). The evening worship will be an important time of fellowship as we welcome new members and celebrate the Lord's Table together, all this will be followed by a fellowship to welcome our new members. I look forward to our time together this Sunday. May God strengthen you to faithfulness and obedience as we gather together this week.