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The Prophet Priest

God is gracious to work with us in spite of our sins and failures. When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, He implemented His plan for our redemption. Part of that plan was to provide us with a better way to relate to Him. To Israel He gave prophets to speak for Him and priests to mediate between them, but even while Moses was still alive he told the people that there was a better prophet coming. And the entire religious structure made it clear that there had to be a better priest. The Old Testament promises of the coming Messiah as a prophet and priest continued to place pieces in the puzzle for God's people to see that His plan was coming to fruition. May we also see evidence of God's working to bring His promises to us to fruition and believe them. 
This Sunday at Liberty we will continue our Sunday school series in 2 Samuel-The Rise and Fall of the King looking at one of David's psalms in 2 Samuel 22-23:7. In the morning worship, we will continue our Christmas Hope series looking at the promises of the Messiah to be a prophet like Moses (Deut 18) and a priest like Melchizedek (Ps 110). Then in the evening worship, the Martins and Blasers will present a report on our trip to Spain to visit the Grotzkes. I look forward to worshipping with and fellowshipping with you on Sunday as we stand together in our perfect prophet and priest.