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Unto Us a Child Is Born

The promise that God would give a child to Israel may not have sounded all that great at first. Perhaps the people thought, “A child? Don’t we have enough of those running around? We don’t need another child we need a deliverer!” But it was in that Child that deliverance came. That Child is unlike any other child. He is the source of wisdom, the power of God, the creator of the universe, and the establisher of peace in the flesh. He is God Himself, in the flesh. And that means that His reign will be unlike any other too, unending, peaceful, just, righteous, established by God. We hear that, and we say, “I’ll take that Child!” Christmas is the downpayment on that Child’s kingdom. Jesus’s birth in that stable in Bethlehem is what gives us confidence that He will one day sit on a throne in Jerusalem. Christmas points us to that day when He will return in power and majesty and set up that reign, and so we echo the prophets, “Come, again, soon Lord Jesus!"

Sunday at Liberty

  • SS: Church Councils and Creeds–New Hampshire Baptist Confession
  • AM: Pastor Rory–Isaiah 8:9-9:7–Unto Us a Child Is Born (sermon notes)
  • PM: No Evening Worship