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The resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of our hope. We can face life and death because Christ is the firstfruits of the dead; He paves the way for our own resurrection. But that is not all; when God raised Jesus from the dead, He vindicated Jesus's righteousness and deity. We are justified through His death, but also through His resurrection (Rm 4:25), for if Jesus had not risen from the dead, He would have proven Himself to have deserved to die, but His resurrection proved that His death was not for His own sins but for ours. As we rejoice in the resurrection this weekend, I trust that we will stand strong in the righteousness that is ours through the vindication of Jesus, the firstfruits of the dead.
This Sunday is Easter! We have our regular Sunday school hour where we will look at Matthew 6:19-24 and our relationship to the treasures of this world. This is part of our continuing study on the Sermon on the Mount. Then in our morning worship we will study 1 Timothy 3:14-16 and focus our attention on the vindication of Jesus in the resurrection as we assure ourselves of our own justification through His death and resurrection. There will be no evening worship. What a joy to know that Jesus our Lord is not dead, but risen as He said. I look forward to serving our living Savior with you on Sunday!