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Married Members, Sacrificial Living

So many of our relationships are affected by our selfishness. We have ourselves convinced that we "deserve" something so we demand everyone around us to give us what we want. When we allow that self-centeredness to dominate our relationships we end up with ruined marriages, estranged children, ruined testimonies, and divided churches. May God grant us the grace to give of ourselves as Jesus gave of himself instead of demanding our own way from those around us. Read More

Free Immorality, Ignorant Church

In 1 Corinthians 6 Paul repeats the phrase "Don't you know" six times in twenty verses. It would seem that the Corinthians were missing things that should have been obvious to them and, I assume, Paul taught them explicitly during his ministry in Corinth. This problem is universal. I have often been frustrated with children who don't listen the first time and need to be asked, "Didn't you listen to me the first time?" or "Don't you know what you are supposed to be doing?", but then I am reminded that I am the same way. How often do I hear or read God's Word then go away and forget the truths He taught me. May we be faithful hearers and faithful doers that respond in obedience the first time God's Word confronts us. Read More

Suing Christians, Incompetent Church

Far too often we make excuses for our actions by looking at the external influences that "cause" us to react in sinful ways. We blame our family, our genes, our boss, our co-workers, other drivers, even other church members, and we think that we are then allowed to act however we like. It isn't just prevalent today though; it seems to have been a Corinthian problem as well (1 Cor 6). They used the sin of others to excuse their own sin and mishandling of their relationships. Paul instead reminds them of what they once were and who they now are as he calls them to repentance. May we react to our own sinfulness with repentance and avoid the blame-shifting trap. Read More