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Men of God

It can be discouraging as we walk through life dealing with the consequences of sin that we've inherited from our father Adam. With humanity living sinfully destructive lifestyles all around us and our having to deal with constant death, we may be tempted to question God's promise to provide to have the snake's head bruised. But even in generational death and societal sin, we can have confidence in God's Word for He gives us glimpses of what we hope for. When we focus on God's Word and His Spirit's reassurance we can continue to hope in God no matter how grim the circumstances. Read More

All In

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. While much of contemporary evangelicalism makes Pentecost about the gifts of the Spirit and speaking in tongues, Pentecost is important much more for it's being the birthday of the church. Nearly 2,000 years ago, God immersed His apostles with the Holy Spirit Who gave them boldness to preach the gospel to people who fifty days ago had killed Jesus. Those who accepted Jesus that day were added to the church and still the gates of hell cannot prevail against God's church. This Sunday, we celebrate God's goodness in giving us the church. May His Word and Spirit drive us to renewed commitment to her. Read More

Sons of Men

Most of us recognize the progressive nature of sin because we see it all around us in our society. Things aren't the way they used to be. This shouldn't surprise us because we see evidence of sin progressing even in the first few chapters of Scripture. But sometimes even while we admit the progressive nature of sin in others, we deny its progressiveness in ourselves. We fail to see how our looks of lust lead to immorality, how our proud hearts leave our relationships in tatters, or how our dissatisfaction leads us to covet. Sin starts small and progresses over time until it takes over our hearts and lives, that's why we need God. He gives us hope and delivers us from sin's hostile take over. May we call on the name of the Lord confessing every sin of our hearts, even the "small ones," so that they may never become the "big ones." Read More