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Immoral Man, Inconsistent Church

What do President Trump and Tiger Woods have in common? As President Trump has taken office, I find him interesting to watch. His junior-high like responses to things like crowd sizes and popular vote totals reveals his insecurities in spite of his constant bravado. I have seen something similar in Tiger Woods who is trying to make a comeback on the PGA Tour. When I watch Tiger get so upset at errant shots as he tries so hard to prove to everyone that he can still play, I attribute this to his insecurities as well. But they aren't the only ones who struggle with insecurity. We all do, but as Christians we can stand confidently knowing that we are secure in Christ Jesus. May your standing in Christ overcome your own insecurities, and may God give you the confidence to consider your successes and failures in light of your security in Him. Read More

Spiritual Father, Mistreated Apostle

Earlier this week I found myself a bit discouraged by my own shortcomings and some criticism that I took too closely to heart; this is common to us as humans especially when we allow our focus to dwell more on humanity than God. That is why I am thankful for ministry partners who confront me in my sinful thinking and encourage me with a focus on the possibilities of God's work in the future. I am especially thankful that I have Pastor Seth around to help me in this way. God is gracious to supply us with brothers and sisters in Christ who can lift us up when we are down and push us in the right direction. May we all be doing that for each other at Liberty! Read More

Faithful Servants, Divine Judge

In Philemon 6 Paul prays for Philemon and the church in Colosse that "the fellowship of your faith may become effective through the knowledge of every good thing which is in you for Christ's sake." This is a great prayer for the church that our fellowship and partnership in gospel ministry will become more effective because of what we know to be true of all of us, that is, that Christ is in us. So when we recognize who we all are in Christ, we are encouraged to be more accepting and forgiving of each other in our partnership. May this be true of us at Liberty. Read More