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Why Don't We Evangelize?

It is easy for us to complain about the state of our culture and the world because we are frequently confronted with humanity's propensity to sin and their continual digression into greater and worse sins. However, our responsibility in this world is not merely to complain about the problems, but to be a part of the solution. We have a responsibility to bring the reconciling gospel to the world, to proclaim restoration in Christ, and the power of God to change lives. May God strengthen us to silence our complaints about the state of the world and do our part to see the world-changing gospel proclaimed in our community and spheres of influence. May the power of the gospel be magnified in changed lives and hearts. Read More

Brother against Brother

The effects of sin are ever with us. After Adam and Eve brought sin in the world, we are ever more saddled with it and its consequences. This fact reveals our sinfulness: both our propensity toward it and our need for the mercy of God. Cain was in denial of his need for God's mercy. His response to God's confrontation revealed a hard heart that proudly believed his own self-righteousness. But the Bible makes it clear that there is none righteous and there is no one who does good. May the burden of our sin drive us to look to the mercy of our God and His deliverance. Read More

Death from Sin

After Adam and Eve gave into the temptation to eat the fruit, the consequences were immediately noticed. The shame and guilt was evident in their hiding from God and trying to cover their shame with garments of leaves. The relational chaos that ensued was evident in their blame-shifting and excuses. The death that was passed to us all immediately began to work. But even in all the bad, God continued His gracious provision for humanity by promising a seed who would bruise the serpent's head, by providing lasting clothing, and by preventing us from living endless lives tormented by the pain of our sin (in blocking the tree of life). In man's darkest days the light of God's grace shines brightly to bring us hope instead of despair. May we be reminded of our own hope in the gospel this Sunday! Read More