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Free Christians, Sacrificing Church

Sometimes in our thinking about Christian liberty we become focused on what we are free to do. But Paul turns our ideas of Christian liberty upside down in 1 Corinthians 9 when he discusses his own freedom to sacrifice. Because he was free to do these things, he could also willingly give up his liberty for the sake of the gospel. This not only strengthened Paul's ministry to the church, but also his ministry to unbelievers. May we exercise our freedom in such a way that we are willing to sacrifice our rights for the gospel good of others. Read More

Persevering Faith

We have a missions focus Sunday before us this week. We will welcome Colleen Tronson from Metro Women's Center for Sunday school and during the AM Worship we will video chat with the Grotzkes (pending working technology). I have invited Jon Pratt from Central Seminary and Eden Baptist Church, Burnsville to bring the Word to us in the AM Worship. Then in the evening worship, we will focus who/what is a pastor. I look forward to our joining in worship together as we gather as the church tomorrow. See you then! Read More

Newness of Life

With joyful grief we lift our praise on Good Friday because Christ's work satisfied the wrath of God for us, and with joyful praise we worship on Resurrection Sunday because death could not hold Him, and the grave could not keep Him. Only Jesus could give up His life, and only Jesus could take His life back, and because of His work we can walk in new life in Him. May the power of the resurrection be evident in our joy and our obedience as we rejoice in Christ's finished work! Read More