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The Prophet Priest

God is gracious to work with us in spite of our sins and failures. When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, He implemented His plan for our redemption. Part of that plan was to provide us with a better way to relate to Him. To Israel He gave prophets to speak for Him and priests to mediate between them, but even while Moses was still alive he told the people that there was a better prophet coming. And the entire religious structure made it clear that there had to be a better priest. The Old Testament promises of the coming Messiah as a prophet and priest continued to place pieces in the puzzle for God's people to see that His plan was coming to fruition. May we also see evidence of God's working to bring His promises to us to fruition and believe them. Read More

The Promised Seed

The promises of God that were fulfilled at Christmas are an important part of our celebration of the holiday. When we look back at over years of promises going as far back as the garden, we see that God had a perfect plan to atone for our sin. This gives us confidence in multiple ways. We can look forward to promises yet to be fulfilled with confidence that God's Word will not fail. Also, we can rest in the fact that God has a continued plan for us and for this world. What a comfort to rest in a sovereign, faithful God. Read More

Apostolic Plans, Final Instructions

The importance of love and unity within the body of Christ is essential for us to image God and to declare the gospel before the world. However, our humanity often draws us back into selfishness quickly destroying our unity. When we are selfish, we refuse to give to others because we horde our resources for ourselves; we refuse to accept others because they don't meet our standards; or we fail to recognize the good work that others are doing because we'd rather people notice us. Paul encourages us to love in all that we do (1 Cor 16:14), and if we could manage this simple yet difficult command, our church and our impact would be much stronger. May God grant us the grace to love through His Spirit who unites us. Read More