COMMUNITY CHURCH News & Announcements


January 30, 2019 Midweek Services Cancelled

Due to the extreme cold temperatures, we have decided to cancel all church activities for Wednesday evening. Please stay safe and take time to reflect on God’s grace with your family in place of gathering with the church. All Thursday activities will continue as scheduled. Read More

Believing God's Promises

We’re well aware of humanity's sinfulness; it is all around us in society and ever present in our own hearts. Usually our sin is a result of faithlessness. We can’t believe that God could provide for us, so we make a less than honest business transaction. We struggle to believe that God is satisfying, so we pursue our flesh and indulge our lusts. We must turn away from this faithlessness and trust God faithfully. But thankfully, even when we do sin, we have hope because God is merciful and gracious to sinners. Sometimes, He may even use our sinful choices to accomplish His greater purpose. We could point to Judah’s sin with Tamar that led to the eventual birth of Abrahams greatest seed or Judas who betrayal of Christ led to our salvation. Of course, none of that excuses our faithless sin, but it does give us hope that even when we have sinned, we’ve never sinned ourselves out of God’s grace and redemption. Repent and allow God to redeem you as you are. Read More

Accepting God's Blessings

Everyone wants to be blessed by God. One of the reasons why the beatitudes are such a popular passage of Scripture is because they tell us how to receive God's blessings. But why do we want those blessings? Unfortunately, most of the time we want God's blessing because we want to be happier, more comfortable, and experience a better life. This is the allure of the prosperity gospel. It lures people in with the promise of God's blessing for their best life now. But God doesn't bless people as an end. God's blessing is just the beginning of God's work to bless others. When God promised to bless Abram, He also promised to bless all the world through him. It wasn't just about Abram; it was a plan for everyone. All of us have received God's blessings, and God has blessed us so that we can share His blessings with others. May God strengthen us to share His blessings rather than hoard them to ourselves.  Read More