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Sin from Temptation

Everyday of our lives, the lusts of our flesh draw us toward sin and rebellion against God. If we don't recognize the tactics of temptation, how it twists the truth and lulls us into distrust, we will be caught off guard and frequently give in. But through the work of the Spirit and the grace of the gospel, there is hope for us to endure temptation and continue to grow in our experience of the righteousness that is our through Christ. May God strengthen us to resist temptation in spite of our fleshly tendency toward sin. Read More


The resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of our hope. We can face life and death because Christ is the firstfruits of the dead; He paves the way for our own resurrection. But that is not all; when God raised Jesus from the dead, He vindicated Jesus's righteousness and deity. We are justified through His death, but also through His resurrection (Rm 4:25), for if Jesus had not risen from the dead, He would have proven Himself to have deserved to die, but His resurrection proved that His death was not for His own sins but for ours. As we rejoice in the resurrection this weekend, I trust that we will stand strong in the righteousness that is ours through the vindication of Jesus, the firstfruits of the dead. Read More


"Who’s the boss?" This is a question we frequently asked our children as they were growing up to remind them that they couldn't always get or demand their way. But even as an adult I find I have to ask myself the same question. I am frequently confronted by the fact that I want to control my own life. But this is not the way a Christian ought to think. Part of believing the gospel is accepting the claims that Jesus made of Himself, and He made it pretty clear on Palm Sunday that He is the King, not just a king, the King. When I demand my own way or demand control of my own life, I am denying the truth that Jesus is the only King. Palm Sunday is an opportunity for us to remind ourselves who the King is, and that it isn’t us. May we worship the King with hearts of submission this Lord’s day. Read More