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Covenant Keeping God

The passion week is a celebration of the most important event in the history of humanity, the death and resurrection of Christ. These days are not important in and of themselves, but merely by the fact that we use them to mark the importance of the events. One aspect of particular importance is that we see evidence of God's keeping His promises. These promises started in the garden and continued through Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, and down the line until Jesus finally came. It is no wonder that Jesus's disciples sang, "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord"; they had waited so long and were finally seeing the promises fulfilled. Even now we wait for the ultimate consummation of these promises when the world will be set right. May this Palm Sunday teach us to long for that day, but also to rest confidently knowing that God keeps His covenants and will bring all His promises to pass. Read More

Free Christians, Loving Church–1

As we try to be the church with our fallen natures, loving each other is often a difficult assignment, but it is so important. Often we want love to be easy; we maintain the appearance of "getting along," and we spend time talking to each other at coffee fellowship or after church. But love is so much more than that. If we are going to love each other like Jesus loved us it involves self-sacrifice and actual investment in each other's lives. We can't excuse our shallow worldly "love" as Christian love. When Jesus commands that we love each other, He meant that we should be willing to give 51% in every relationship; never shifting the responsibility on the other person to come to us. May God grant us the strength to go 51% in our relationships with each other. Read More

Single Members, Servant Living

In addition to our missions focus last week at Liberty, this past week was missions conference at Central Seminary and Fourth Baptist Church. As I interacted with various missionaries, I was reminded of the extreme sacrifice that many missionaries are making to serve God around the world. These men and women are great examples that God's call on our lives is not one to leisure and comfort, but a call to give ourselves in response to Christ's giving Himself for us. May God work in our hearts to fuel the same passion for ministry in our city as he has in our missionary servants for the world. Read More