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Harmony in Fullness

God didn't stop with forming creation after those first three days. After that He spent three more days filling up His now ordered creation with what would be beneficial for human flourishing. He provided sources of light, birds, fish, and animals that all reveal His worthiness of worship. As the giver of life and the creator of all that good, God deserves our undivided worship, but idolatry is a real threat to our worship. May God help us see Him and His glory such that we would worship Him supremely instead of suppressing the truth that can be known about Him. Read More

Order in Form

God is a God of order. He didn't leave the world formless and empty, instead He added order and form to it making it beneficial for humanity. He doesn't leave our lives formless and orderless either. He works through His Spirit to order our lives in line with His righteousness, and He promises that this work He began will be completed. The work that God started in the beginning is analogous to the work He continues in us. May we submit to His work in us and allow Him to order our lives for His glory. Read More

Majesty on Display

Our God is without comparison. His majesty is on display all around us. Psalm 19 reminds us that the heavens declare the glory of God, and yet how many days do we go through not seeing Him? Oh, we'll praise Him for a glorious sunset or when we get the opportunity to visit some natural wonder, but we fail to recognize the hand of God in the daily details of creation. Genesis 1:1 provides such a short concise statement of creation, that it is easy to miss the grandeur of it all: the fact that God made everything from heaven to earth. We ignore these truths because we know what they require of us. We know that it means we are derived; it means we aren't really in control; it means that we don't get to make the rules. May we see God in all of His creative glory and may we respond with submissive hearts as we bow to the King of the universe. Read More