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Proud Men, Deceitful Hearts

With the holidays behind us, we'll get back to a more normal schedule this week. I hope that you are feeling refreshed from time with family and friends and looking forward to the new year. I have been reminded in multiple ways this week about the pride of humanity. We are so quick to promote ourselves and even to give other humans more recognition than they deserve. May we pursue the truth of James 4:10 to humble ourselves before the Lord so that we might turn away from high-handed sin and worldliness. Read More

Master Gardners, Master Builders

I hope that the Christmas holiday was a blessing to you and your family as you celebrated the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Now we look forward now to a new year, when we often emphasize new beginnings and resolutions which often prove to be ineffective in producing lasting change in our lives. Let me encourage you that lasting change is always a reality in the believer's life. It may not happen as fast or pronounced as we would prefer, but if God's Spirit is living in you, you will inevitably find steady growth through your Christian life. This is a distinguishing mark of Christians. Read More

God With Us

Christmas is finally here! I know that the anticipation of this day grows and grows in us as we look forward to time with family and the excitement of opening presents. I think the anticipation of Christmas is a poignant lesson for us. As we excitedly anticipate the presents, the family, and the food, we are reminded of how the Jews anticipated the coming Messiah who would save them. It also teaches us how we should excitedly anticipate the Messiah's return, when He will set all things right. May the joy of Christmas produce anticipation for something that endures far longer than the gifts we exchange! Read More