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Resurrected Christ, Sober Mind

Unfortunately, even as Christians, we often live our lives giving no consideration of the impact that the cross and the resurrection ought to have on our day to day living. When we ignore these principles or forget the impact, we are vulnerable to the lusts of our flesh and the lure of the world. Thus, many Christians live frustrated and discouraged Christian lives as they try to fight sin in their own power, but the resurrection drives us to holiness such that we can put sin to death and live lives that honor and glorify our God. May God grant us to be motivated to holiness because of the resurrection. Read More

Resurrected Christ, Living Hope

We throw the word hope around a lot. We hope our team wins; we hope to go on vacation; we hope for pizza for supper. But when the Bible speaks of hope, it speaks of something different. The hope we have is guaranteed, but unrealized. We hope in the resurrection because we know it is coming; we hope for heaven because Christ is our mediator. The resurrection and eternal life are the objects of our hope and thus we can live our lives with confidence knowing that through Christ our future is guaranteed. Read More

Prophetic Gift, Edifying Ministry, 2

The one true God is a God of revelation. He has revealed Himself in creation, by placing His image in humanity, and, most importantly, in His Word. The more direct and clear the revelation, the better it is; so God's Word takes precedence over His image in man and in creation because neither of those so clearly reveal God as the Bible. When we minimize the importance of clear, direct revelation, we will inevitably miss the focus and emphasis of God's revelation, namely the clearest revelation of all, the Word of God incarnate, Jesus Christ. May God grant us the grace to focus appropriately on what He has clearly revealed more than we focus on subjective, hazy revelation. Read More