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Sacrificing Lord, Remembering Church

I am struck by how often I enter worship thinking only about myself and forgetting the reason why I am there in the first place. We must guard our hearts so that we do not become self-centered in our worship and thus not worship at all. In God's good grace, he provides us with great reminders of who He is in His Word, through the Lord's Table, and through fellowship within the body. But we must take these reminders and use them to focus our worship on Christ instead of on ourselves. May God receive the worship due His name this weekend as we gather. Read More

Gender Roles, Modest Worship

Our culture sinfully distorts gender and the gender roles that God laid out at the beginning of creation. Unfortunately, in some ways the church has gone right along with the world, and we have allowed our own ideas of these issues to be formed more by society than God's Word. God made us different for a reason, and if we fail to recognize and encourage the differences in the church, we are liable to confuse further an already confused world. May God grant us the grace to recognize and rejoice in the differences. Read More

Rooted and Grounded in Love

I once was asked by a non-Christian what made Christianity different from other religions. While I gave him an adequate answer, it was not until recently that I realized what I should have said. The distinguishing mark of Christianity is the Trinity. Very little of who God is and what God does makes sense for a single god, but all that we know of God is explainable when we consider His Triunity. Even so, many Christians struggle to recognize the significance of the Trinity. Read More