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Garden in Eden

Humanity's unique creation reveals God's gracious care for us in many ways, and in that gracious provision, we recognize that we have certain responsibilities that the rest of creation does not share. Because we have the unique breath of God breathed into us, we can use our God-given rational to trust Him in spite of how much we are tempted to think that our plan is better. As we yield to God's gracious care in faith, it is there that we find all that is good and satisfying. May God strengthen us to trust Him in all things. Read More

God's Design: Bible Conference 2018

We live in a world where God's good creation is often exploited for entertainment. We see even Christians misusing and abusing what God made to be good in an effort to gain laughs or to accomplish dramatic effect. One aspect of God's creation that we routinely see exploited is human sexuality, and because we are too embarrassed to talk about it or fear the ramifications if we do, we ignore it. Thus our children learn about sexuality from the world through television and friends none of which provide a biblical worldview. We need to return to God's good design in human sexuality and teach it with confidence to counteract the world's desire to twist it for entertainment and pleasure. May God teach us to understand His intention for sexuality that we might use it for His glory. Read More

Rest in Completion

God set an example for us in stopping from His work. His example is not just a physical reminder, but also a spiritual reminder that we are need of rest. Perhaps one of the most important blessings we have is the rest that is found in Christ who reminds us that if we come to Him with our heavy burdens, He will give us rest. However, many believers never find the rest that we should in preparation for the rest that is to come. May God grant us to rest in Christ regardless of the circumstances and find the peace of God that passes understanding guarding our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Read More