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Majesty on Display

Our God is without comparison. His majesty is on display all around us. Psalm 19 reminds us that the heavens declare the glory of God, and yet how many days do we go through not seeing Him? Oh, we'll praise Him for a glorious sunset or when we get the opportunity to visit some natural wonder, but we fail to recognize the hand of God in the daily details of creation. Genesis 1:1 provides such a short concise statement of creation, that it is easy to miss the grandeur of it all: the fact that God made everything from heaven to earth. We ignore these truths because we know what they require of us. We know that it means we are derived; it means we aren't really in control; it means that we don't get to make the rules. May we see God in all of His creative glory and may we respond with submissive hearts as we bow to the King of the universe. Read More

The Church of God

As a new year rolls around, we hear much talk of resolutions. Many people have determined to make themselves better in some way beginning with the first day of the year. But for a Christian becoming better in any way is not dependent on a flip of the calendar; it is dependent on God working in us by His grace demonstrated through His Son and delivered through His Spirit. This is always true of us and nothing magical happens on Jan 1 or any new month or week or day that isn't true of us always, because we are in Christ. Maybe you made a resolution this year; that's ok, but when you inevitably fail in keeping it, don't wait until next January to start again. Every moment is ours to redeem through the power of the Spirit to be whom God saved us to be. Resolve to be better now, by God's grace. May God make us all more like His Son as He promised to do. Read More

The God Man

One of my children asked today if we could open our gifts early. The anticipation is building! The day is coming soon, when we will celebrate the incarnation of God. What a wonder as we consider God made flesh and dwelling among us. It is no wonder that we sing songs at this time of year that emphasize the joy and worship that ought to fill our hearts as we welcome the newborn King. This anticipation for Christmas provides a glimpse of how we ought to feel as we anticipate the fulfillment of all God's promises especially the one that Jesus Christ will come again. May we anticipate His second coming even more than we anticipate the celebration of His first coming. Read More