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The Messiah's Miraculous Birth

Most of us don’t spend too much time contemplating the hypostatic union (dual natures) of Christ. On the one hand, the reality of the hypostatic union is mind-boggling, and on the other, we don’t see the practical significance of such a complex theological truth. However, in order for Jesus to be the perfect Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament, He needed to be a divine human. He couldn’t rightly take the punishment for human sin (like was prophesied in Isaiah 53) if He weren’t a human. The plethora of animal sacrifices throughout the Old Testament made it clear that they were insufficient; only a human could pay for human sin. Yet that sacrifice must be able to survive the wrath of God; something only God could do. Jesus also could not reveal what obedience to God looks like (foreshadowed in Psalm 40) without being the God-man. He couldn’t have sinned because He is God, but He also resisted temptation through the power of the Spirit; thus showing us exactly what it takes to “be holy as God is holy.” Jesus the Messiah is the God-man; therefore, He alone can save us. Let us put our trust in Him and be His true followers. Read More

The Messiah's Unlikely Heritage

Many of us, when we are confronted with our sin, can grow discouraged and frustrated with ourselves and the battle against sin and the flesh. We assume that because of our many problems, God can’t use us. But this attitude reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of God and grace. Abraham and the patriarchs struggled with various sins and fell multiple times just in the preserved record, but God still chose them and used them to advance His plan. David committed heinous crimes, but God still established his throne forever. Peter denied Christ; the disciples doubted; and Paul persecuted the church. But God is gracious to use even the worst of humans (that’s what Paul called himself in 1 Timothy 1). God takes outcasts and adds them to His family; He redeems sinners and puts them into His service. See God’s grace in your life, trust that grace, and watch how God uses you to accomplish His plan. Read More

The Lowly Shall Ascend

When difficulties arise in our lives, we may think that we know what would be best for our lives as we pray for God to take the trial away. But this is an arrogant way to respond to our sovereign God. We ought not involve ourselves in matters too difficult for us, but instead we should quiet our souls to hope in the Lord forever. When we are burdened with stress, trials, or temptations that are too hard for us to bear, we must humbly endure as we trust God; rather than demand that God take our trouble away. May our hearts submit in hope that God does what is best. Read More