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God's Amazing Grace

The longer we’ve been following Jesus and the more we grow spiritually, the easier it is for us to forget that we are still sinners and that we need God’s grace. Paul had to remind the Ephesian believers of who they were before their salvation and of how God’s grace had worked in their lives. We need frequent reminders of God’s grace in our lives, or we might grow arrogant thinking that we have arrived spiritually and forgetting that we need God’s grace. May reminders of God’s grace keep us humble before Him and motivate greater appreciation of God’s work in our lives. Read More

The Path to Purity

Many followers of Jesus Christ grow weary in the life of faith. We know what kind of holiness God demands of us, yet we fail, sometimes over and over and over again. In this we might be tempted to get discouraged and in extreme cases to give up. But to respond in this way is to miss something important about the life of faith—that it is long. We want quick fixes to our problems—for that lust to go away, for our marriage to be happier, for our children to behave, and for our pride to vanish. But in our pursuit of holiness and purity, we must recognize that few fixes are quick fixes. Overcoming lusts, achieving a happy marriage, seeing obedient children, and humbling ourselves all take time. So we must use caution in growing impatient with ourselves and with others. God is at work, and He is using His Word to accomplish that work. Trust Him! That is what the life of faith is all about anyway. Read More

Trinity Sunday

We know that a belief in a god distinguishes religion from atheism and secularism. We further know that a belief in one god distinguishes Islam, Judaism, and Christianity from other religions. But what distinguishes the Christian God from the gods of other monotheistic religions? It is the belief in the Trinity. And why is that important? It is because the triunity of God makes Him to be the one true God described in Scripture. Without the Trinity, God cannot be eternally loving or eternally good, because He would have no one to whom He could love or show goodness. But the Triune God can be eternally loving and good, because He shows love and goodness to Himself within the Trinity. Now Christianity is often accused of being polytheistic because of the Trinity, but that cannot be the case, for God always reveals Himself as a Father, Son, and Spirit. The Father has eternally been begetting the Son, and the Son is eternally begotten. The Spirit proceeds from the Father and Son together. That means that the distinct persons of the Trinity "are who they are together. They always are together and thus they always work together" (Michael Reeves, Delighting in the Trinity, 34). This is the God we worship on Trinity Sunday and every Sunday, for He is the one true God, and He is the God of Christianity. May God give us understanding of the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that we may be filled up to all the fullness of God. Read More