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The Messiah's Divine Protection

Living in this world can discourage us about the probability or possibility of God fulfilling His promises. We see our culture suppressing God’s truth and turning further and further away from Him. How can Christ build His church in such an environment? Will God really finish the work He started in us? Why does it feel like God has forsaken us, in spite of His promise? These and other questions haunt our minds and tempt us to doubt. However, when we look at the Scriptures and history, we are reminded that God has always accomplished His Word in spite of opposition. In Christ’s day, God preserved His Messiah in spite of Herod’s raging. In the first century, the church thrived in spite of persecution. In the middle ages, God preserved a remnant of pure faith in the midst of growing corruption in Catholicism. Why would God do any differently in our day? God is faithful; His Word will accomplish His purpose; and we can trust Him. May His faithfulness drive our trust in Him regardless of the circumstances. Read More

The Messiah's Conflicted Impact

It will always remain a mystery to me why some people choose to suppress the truth that can be known about God while others choose to submit to God’s truth and trust the hope of the gospel. Even in Jesus’s day, as His promised coming arrived, people like Herod and the Jewish leaders, who had incredible opportunities to know God’s truth and submit to it, rejected the clear signs of His arrival. At the same time, magi from the east, whose exposure to God’s truth was far more limited, chose to travel probably hundreds of miles to worship Him. We live with blessings similar to Herod and the Jewish leaders with solid Bible teaching abounding and freedom to worship as we please, but we often respond as Herod and the religious leaders did. We take God’s Word for granted and fail to respond in submission as we ought. May God’s Spirit convict our hearts to respond to His truth, rather than suppress it, so that we might glorify Him. Read More

The Messiah's Miraculous Birth

Most of us don’t spend too much time contemplating the hypostatic union (dual natures) of Christ. On the one hand, the reality of the hypostatic union is mind-boggling, and on the other, we don’t see the practical significance of such a complex theological truth. However, in order for Jesus to be the perfect Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament, He needed to be a divine human. He couldn’t rightly take the punishment for human sin (like was prophesied in Isaiah 53) if He weren’t a human. The plethora of animal sacrifices throughout the Old Testament made it clear that they were insufficient; only a human could pay for human sin. Yet that sacrifice must be able to survive the wrath of God; something only God could do. Jesus also could not reveal what obedience to God looks like (foreshadowed in Psalm 40) without being the God-man. He couldn’t have sinned because He is God, but He also resisted temptation through the power of the Spirit; thus showing us exactly what it takes to “be holy as God is holy.” Jesus the Messiah is the God-man; therefore, He alone can save us. Let us put our trust in Him and be His true followers. Read More