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God's Glorification of Himself

Our understanding of God’s purpose in creating and sustaining the world has a huge impact on how we interpret His Word and see His work. It is vital that we understand God’s goal to glorify Himself in various ways so that we don’t get tripped up by narrowing His purpose to only one way. Throughout God’s Word we can see these varied ways of God’s self-glorification, and when we do, we will be renewed in our commitment to handle God’s Word effectively and with integrity. May God strengthen us in our understanding of and use of His Word. Read More

Accepting God's Grace

We all sin; some of our sins are big, some are small, and some are habitual, but we all sin. Then what? After we sin we might be tempted to give up on ourselves and expect God to give up on us, but that isn’t how God works. From the time sin entered our world in the fall, God has been using people who are flawed by sin to accomplish His will. He used Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, and the list goes on. But He doesn't stop there. He also redeems those same sinners if they’ll accept by faith the grace and mercy offered in the cross of Jesus Christ. What is really important about all of this is that our sinfulness never takes God by surprise; our mistakes don’t leave Him scrambling. He knows our weakness (Heb 4:14-16), and He uses us anyway. May we be ever aware of the abundant grace and mercy that are ours in Christ, and may we accept that grace by faith instead of trying to manufacture worth by our good deeds. Wonderful grace of Jesus! Read More

Confirming God's Choice

We make such a mess of our lives. Day in and day out we live for ourselves, elevate ourselves in pride, and pursue the our fleshly lusts. But the mercy and grace of God is an ever-present reminder that restoration is mere repentance away. Instead of living for ourselves, God’s grace helps us live to serve God and others. Instead of elevating ourselves in pride, God’s grace enables our exaltation and glorification of Him. And instead of pursuing our fleshly lusts, God’s grace strengthens our pursuit of Him as better than anything in this world. Jacob’s story reminds us not only that God keeps His promises, but also that He redeems sinners. If He can take lying, cheating, selfish, arrogant Jacob and change him to Israel, and if He can take bitter, revengeful Esau, and change him to reconcile with his brother, then He can take each one of us, forgive us, restore us, and use us to serve Him and His church. This is how God confirms His choice, by changing us through His grace. May God continue to change us as we submit to Him in faith. Read More