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Accepting God's Delay

Few people understand delays in God’s plan like the Patriarchs. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all experienced barrenness with their wives as they waited for the descendants God promised. None of them actually possessed the land that God promised, and none of them got to see the seed through whom God would bless the nations. But even as they experienced delays in God’s keeping of His promises, they continued to trust, not perfectly, but faithfully. We aren’t that much different from these men of old. We wait for God to complete the work He began in us. We wait for His coming that the world mocks. And while we might be tempted to grow impatient and throw in the towel on God’s promises, we must remember that God doesn’t count delay like we do, nor does He operate on the time frame that we do. God will never forget His promises; He will definitely keep His Word, and it is our job to wait. Waiting can be so hard, but when we get to receive what we’ve waited for, it can make it all the sweeter as we rejoice in God’s grace and mercy. We’ll appreciate our righteousness that much more because we’ve experienced the battles against temptation. We’ll enjoy the glory of Christ’s return more because we know the brokenness of our the world as it is. Don’t stop believing. God’s timing is best for growing us and glorifying Him. Trust Him and wait! Read More

Feburary 20, 2019 Services Cancelled

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Respecting God's Choice

One aspect of God’s sovereignty is His choosing outcomes in the world. The Scriptures make it clear that God sets up kings and takes them down (Dan 4:32); they also reveal that He chooses what is good (Ps 119:68) and works things out for good for those who love Him and are called by Him (Rm 8:28). God actively works within the world He created. But even while we may acknowledge this reality, it becomes a tougher pill to swallow when God’s choice goes against what we want. Isaac loved his firstborn son, and he planned to pass God’s blessing to him, but God chose differently. Esau lived in a culture where firstborns received nearly all of their parent’s wealth, but the Scriptures say God hated him (Mal 1:3). We want freedom, but God chooses to restrict our freedom with parents and government. We want love, but God chooses to keep us single. We want success and happiness, but God chooses to allow hardship and trials. What are we supposed to do when God’s choice and ours are at odds? We must submit. Because God is sovereign, He has the right to the final choice. Because we are His creatures, we have the responsibility to respect His choice and submit to it. But it is for this very reason that the verses cited above are in Scripture. Psalm 119:68 and Romans 8:28 give us hope that even when God’s choice is contrary to ours; His choice is the best choice and in the end, His choice would be our choice every time. May we submit to God’s choice as He works His will in the world. Read More