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The Lord Lives

It could be one of the most absurd things anyone could believe: Someone rising from the dead. Everyone in our enlightened culture knows that people can’t just rise from the dead, right? Even in the first century, the dynamics surrounding belief in the resurrection were varied. Peter and John seemed ready to believe as they quickly ran to the tomb and believed when they saw the folded grave clothes. Mary needed a bit more evidence, but believed when she heard Jesus say her name. Thomas was the slowest to come around. He announced that he would only believe if he could see and touch Jesus. It might be easy to praise Peter and John and scorn Mary and Thomas, but the point of John’s record of Jesus’s resurrection was so that we might believe, and they all believed. Jesus did say that those who believe without sight will be blessed, but belief is belief. So believe! Even if your faith doesn’t look like what you imagine everyone else’s looks like, believe! Jesus is alive. Believe, and live in Him! Read More

Good Friday Service

Celebrate your salvation and remember Jesus’s sacrifice on Good Friday at 5:30pm. The service will feature music, Scripture readings, a short devotional, and communion as we humble ourselves before the mercy of God and the sacrificial love of Christ. Read More

The Lord Reigns

Our culture trains us to think we are independent people who can do whatever we want. When we buy into this thinking, we consider ourselves the masters of our own destiny. But this mentality is bound to rebel against the restraints of God’s sovereignty. Whenever God makes demands of us that run counter to our thoughts or desires, we will vainly plot ways to free ourselves from what seems like chains preventing us from getting what we want. Palm Sunday is a reminder to us that God reigns and that He plans to mediate that reign through His Son Jesus Christ. But it is no celebration for us unless we are willing to wisely repent of our self-centered rebellion, fearfully worship the almighty sovereign God, and humbly submit to Him and the rule of His Son. Without these essential attitudes God’s sovereign rule will always feel like chains instead of the blessing that He intends it to be, for blessed are all who take refuge in Him! May we be a people whose refuge is Jesus. Read More