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Prophetic Gift, Edifying Ministry, 2

The one true God is a God of revelation. He has revealed Himself in creation, by placing His image in humanity, and, most importantly, in His Word. The more direct and clear the revelation, the better it is; so God's Word takes precedence over His image in man and in creation because neither of those so clearly reveal God as the Bible. When we minimize the importance of clear, direct revelation, we will inevitably miss the focus and emphasis of God's revelation, namely the clearest revelation of all, the Word of God incarnate, Jesus Christ. May God grant us the grace to focus appropriately on what He has clearly revealed more than we focus on subjective, hazy revelation. Read More

Prophetic Gift, Edifying Ministry

Ephesians 4:16 reminds us that God is working in the church to grow it, not numerically, but spiritually as the body "being fitted and held together by what every joint supplies . . . causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love." It is easy for us to forget the goal of spiritual growth and to get focused on building ourselves up instead of building up the body. Working for the building up of the body of Christ happens as we love each other and seek to make Christ's name known instead of making a name for ourselves. This is why we gather every week, and I pray that God will cause Liberty Baptist to grow as we build each other up in love. Read More

Mature Church, Diminishing Gifts

I have been reminded this week of the sufficiency of the Word for God to make us what we ought to be. When we neglect God's Word, we flounder in our spiritual walk as we wander aimlessly like a traveler without a map. But when we direct our hearts to God's Word and determine to hear it and obey it, we are endowed with wisdom from God himself that will never be irrelevant. Our world and even some so called Christians think that the importance and relevance of the Word of God is diminishing, but God's Word will never fail. It is a foundation on which we can always stand secure. Read More