sermon: “The Messiah’s Peculiar Forerunner” from Rory Martin

Rory Martin - October 4, 2020

The Messiah's Stinging Exposé, 2

Matthew: Promised Messiah

Jesus's condemnation of the hypocrisy among the religious leaders of His day is hard for us to read. That's because we have so much of the same hypocrisy in us. Here, Pastor Rory explains the importance of internal change and accepting the mercy of forgiveness from Matthew 23:25-39.

Scripture references: Matthew 23:23-46

from series: "Matthew: Promised Messiah"

Matthew presents Jesus as the promised Messiah to fulfill the promises God made to the Jews. In this series we see the relevance of God's fulfillment of prophecy and Jesus as the Messiah for our lives today.

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