At Liberty we place a high priority on the authority of God’s Word for what we believe. Thus, we prioritize the expository preaching of the Bible in our pulpit ministry. Here, you can listen to past sermons or follow the current series as our pastors bring Scripture to bear on our lives.

Nathan Wagner - October 10, 2021

Saints in Christ

Off-Series Messages

What does it mean to be a saint? In Paul's farewell to the Philippians, the Apostle provides insight into how a genuine believer is expected to live. Hear from Pastor Nate unpack the significance of this short, commonly overlooked text at the end of Paul's Epistle.

Scripture references: Philippians 4:21-23

from series: "Off-Series Messages"

These are sermons delivered off-series. We'll break from our regular series for holidays, a guest speaker, or just because we need a break.

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