At Liberty we place a high priority on the authority of God’s Word for what we believe. Thus, we prioritize the expository preaching of the Bible in our pulpit ministry. Here, you can listen to past sermons or follow the current series as our pastors bring Scripture to bear on our lives.

Rory Martin - March 15, 2020

The Messiah's Faithful Provision

Matthew: Promised Messiah

What is your biggest need? We might think of our biggest needs as physical (what we need to eat, paying our bills, or being healthy), but Jesus's miracles proved that our physical needs are not our biggest problem. Those problems serve only to expose our bigger spiritual need. Will you look to Jesus to meet all your needs?

Scripture references: Matthew 14:13-36

from series: "Matthew: Promised Messiah"

Matthew presents Jesus as the promised Messiah to fulfill the promises God made to the Jews. In this series we see the relevance of God's fulfillment of prophecy and Jesus as the Messiah for our lives today.

Sermon Notes

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