How do we know if someone loves us?

Most people have no idea what it means to love someone. We connect love more to feelings than action, but Jesus correlated love and action. He said, ”Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” He not only said this, but He also demonstrated it by sacrificing His own life so that sinners might live. The events of the last week of Jesus’s life hold many reminders of the depth of God’s love. They remind us of the reality of sin, the awfulness of its consequences, and the hope of life purchased through the blood of Christ and guaranteed in the resurrection.

To that end in this new email devotional, we will…

  • Walk through the events of the passion week of Christ in anticipation of Good Friday and Easter.
  • Humble ourselves over the reality of our sin and the significance of its consequences.
  • Rejoice in the mercy and grace of Christ’s sacrificial love for us shown on the cross.
  • Rest in the hope of the resurrection made sure through God raising Christ from the dead.

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