At Liberty we place a high priority on the authority of God’s Word for what we believe. Thus, we prioritize the expository preaching of the Bible in our pulpit ministry. Here, you can listen to past sermons or follow the current series as our pastors bring Scripture to bear on our lives.

Bud Steadman - October 31, 2021

A Vision for the Harvest

Missions Conference 2021:Sow in Tears, Reap in Joy

Dr. Bud Steadman explains how Jesus overcame various difficulties in His ministry to the Samaritan woman and challenges us to follow His example in our own ministry to unbelievers.

Scripture references: John 4:1-42

from series: "Missions Conference 2021:Sow in Tears, Reap in Joy"

Gospel work is not easy; it often brings tears, but faithfulness has its reward. Just like the farmer who does the hard work of sowing and eventually reaps a joyful harvest, so we when we labor in gospel work can anticipate seeing God's joyful work of transformation take effect. This theme underscores the messages of our 2021 Missions Conference.

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