The Messiah’s Gracious Call

One of the loudest, most often heard criticisms of Christianity is the perceived injustice in sending “good” people who’ve never heard about Jesus to hell. But this criticism is ignorant of two things: the wickedness of the human heart and the gracious nature of God’s call. God’s gracious call for humanity to flee from the wrath to come is clearly seen in creation leaving them without excuse. But it’s our wicked hearts that really get in the way. We suppress the truth that is clearly seen in creation, and even when it’s spoken to us outright, we close our eyes and shut our ears. This is evident even in God’s people throughout human history. God spoke clearly through Moses and the Old Testament prophets, but Israel refused to listen. Then God sent Jesus as the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature to save them, but they didn’t receive Him. God has also revealed Himself to the church, but we can all think of professing Christians who have ignored God’s Word and made themselves the authority. Given the failure of God’s people to see and believe, we are naive to think that if God sent His servants to proclaim that His feast is ready and invite those who’d never heard to come, that they would leave their worldly pleasures for the pleasures of God’s glory. The history of humanity tells us otherwise. No one goes to hell because they haven’t heard. People go to hell because they refuse to believe what God has made obvious. Praise God for His gracious call and His grace in choosing us to sit at His feast. And pray that many more will respond to His call and join our celebration and joy. – Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Pastor Rory–The Christian & Government–The Establishment of Government

10AM: Pastor Rory–Matthew 22:1-14–The Messiah’s Gracious Call (sermon notes), Communion

6PM: Pastor Rory–Isaiah 25:1-9–The King’s Feast 

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