The Bold Church

Evangelicalism has divided itself in recent years as various leaders have articulated what is the mission of the church. Is the church’s primary focus to invest in our communities and make the world in which we live a better place by pursuing justice, or is our goal to preach the gospel to everyone who will give us a hearing? Acts 4:29 speaks of the early church’s idea concerning its mission, “And now, Lord, take note of their threats, and grant that Your bond-servants may speak Your word with all confidence.” Notice that the church in Jerusalem didn’t pray for resources to feed the poor or for justice for the oppressed. They prayed for boldness to preach God’s Word. And God answered their prayer. When they finished praying, the place shook, the Holy Spirit filled them, and they spoke the Word of God with boldness. I don’t want you to think that caring for the poor or seeking justice are bad things for us to do, but we have to remember that the primary reason that God put the church in the world is to preach the gospel (Mk 16:15) and make disciples (Mt 28:19-20). We, like the first church, don’t need more money or more political clout; we need more boldness. And this isn’t just the pastors’ job as they stand in the pulpit week in and week out. Surely, pastors must preach the gospel on Sundays, but we all are the church, each and every one of us. So instead of passively standing by while our neighbors, co-workers, and family wander through life hopelessly lost and destined for hell, we each need boldness to proclaim God’s Word with confidence in its truth and in its power to save. I have grown up in a church that has steadily lost its boldness. We passive-aggressively address issues within our culture on social media while we fail to speak the truth to anyone with whom we have contact. And the church has shrunk. We’ve shrunk in size and in influence. But it’s not too late. As long as God continues to show us and our nation mercy, we have another day to boldly proclaim God’s Word. Let’s get to it. Start with prayer, expect God’s answer, and then boldly proclaim God’s Word as He gives us opportunity. May God continue to build His church! – Pastor Rory Martin

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Josh De Leon–Questions About Reality, 2

10AM: Pastor Rory–Acts 4:23-31–The Bold Church (sermon notes)

6PM: Russ Frederick–Daniel 3:16-18–God Will Deliver

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